Dental Insurance

Dr. Yeh & Associates is not in-network with any dental insurance companies, but we do accept all insurance policies to maximize your out-of-network benefits and facilitate reimbursement for our patients. After each office visit, regardless of what insurance plan you have, we submit all insurance forms and paperwork to your insurance company for you and apply the payments to your account.

Other Facts About Dental Insurance

  • Dental Insurance is a contractual agreement between your employer and insurance company. The percentage of reimbursement varies greatly dependent upon the premiums paid for a particular plan and the limitations of the agreement.
  • Most dental insurance plans have a maximum benefit that a patient can use for the year, which usually varies from $1,000-$2,000 per year, pending on the type of plan you have.
  • Dental insurance is a benefit designed to help cover the costs of quality dental care, but is not all-inclusive of what an individual may need or desire to obtain optimal dental health for a lifetime.
  • Most dental plans include coverage for preventive care like routine exams, cleanings, and X-rays. Some plans require a copay for preventive services while others cover those services 100% with no copay. It depends on the plan you choose, but preventive services are usually covered. Many dental plans also include coverage for basic services like fillings and extractions, and major services like root canals, crowns and more.
  • While individual plans and companies vary greatly, our patients often receive similar reimbursement using their out of network benefits at Dr. Yeh & Associates as they would at an in network dentist. It is important to learn and understand your unique plan and benefits.
Please contact the office if you need further clarification on insurance related questions, or if you’d like us to check what your out-of-network benefits are for your specific dental plan!